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Misc - Subjects/Locations
MHD_BL8_S0035 MHD_BL8_S0041 MHD_BL8_S0047
Motion Controlled - Abandoned Mining Bldg - Nevada Abandoned Mining Equipment - Nevada Motion Controlled - Abandoned Mining Bldg - Nevada
Abandoned Mining Bldg - Nevada Brownstone & Clouds Power Transmission Tower & Clouds
MHD_PZ8_TL0001 MHD_PZ8_TL0002 MHD_PZ8_TL0018
Theater filling for the show Theater filling for the show Cake baking in oven
MHD_IT1_S0001 MHD_IT1_S0002 MHD_IT1_S0003
Train Station Train Station Train Station
MHD_IT1_S0004 MHD_ZU4K_K0003 MHD_ZU4K_K0005
Train Station Shadows Field Fire
MHD_PZ8_TL0014 MHD_CM8_TL0017 MHD_PZ8_TL0043
Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon, Myanmar Iris Blooming Easter Eggs
MHD_PZ8_TL0044 MHD_PZ8_TL0045 MHD_PZ8_TL0046
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
MHD_PZ8_TL0062 MHD_JKL_TL124  
Colored Yarn Container Ship Dock - Netherlands  
MHD_ZU4K_K0007 MHD_ZU4K_K0008 MHD_ZU4K_K0009
Refinery Windfarm, Ocean Sunet Harbor
MHD_ZU4K_K0010 MHD_ZU4K_K0011 MHD_ZU4K_K0014
Cruise Ship Cruise Ship Cruise Ship
MHD_PZ8_TL0016 MHD_PZ8_TL0017 MHD_PZ8_TL0019
Removing computer drives Hockey Solar Panel Installation
Solar Panel Installation Concert Photographers Forklift Operation
MHD_PZ8_TL0047 MHD_PZ8_TL0048 MHD_PZ8_TL0049
Baking Baking Grilling Sausage
MHD_PZ8_TL0050 MHD_PZ8_TL0051  
Grilling Sausage Roast on Spit  
MHD_PZ8_TL0052 MHD_PZ8_TL0053 MHD_PZ8_TL0054
MHD_DT8_TL0106 MHD_DT8_TL0107 MHD_DT8_TL0108
Ballooning - Spain Ballooning - Spain Ballooning - Spain
MHD_DT8_TL0057 MHD_DT8_TL0058  
Wrestling Arena - Mexico Wrestling Arena - Mexico  
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